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About Us / Safety & the Law

A A Susie's Limousine, Inc. provides you with the best possible services, all at affordable prices. We have been servicing all of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia for more than ten years, and have been the fastest growing Limousine service in Florida History, with good reason. We have the largest stretch fleet capacity, highest customer satisfaction standards,  and an on time record second to none. Our new Savannah, GA Office creates logistical advantages for corporate clients which are unsurpassed by any.

Our well dressed chauffeurs are prompt and courteous, always  providing you the luxury service you expect and deserve.                     

A guaranteed low price is an assurance of poor quality!

While we try to be competitive, our newer vehicles simply cost more to operate on a risk reward basis. There is a difference. How many times have you tried to save money, only to be disappointed? The cheapest price is generally for the cheapest product & lowest quality of service. You cannot compare a fine dining to fast food, a race car to a moped, a new home to an older poorly maintained one. The same is true of Limousines. You simply cannot compare any other company or fleet to ours.

Ask friends and family who they have used, and about their experiences. 

Everyone knows someone who knows Susies(904) 731-5466

 A A Susies Limousine is the quintessential, definitive,  Jacksonville Limousine Service !


Safety, Education, & The Law

Always check with the better business bureau before reserving.     

As a rule the Better Business Bureau is a pretty good source to check on individual companies and their  satisfaction history.  A responsive company can remedy most problems if they wish to, and the customer is being reasonable.  Frequent complaints may indicate a larger problem. While we all know someone who simply cannot be pleased or expects something for nothing, it is not difficult to read between the lines in a complaint history. Larger companies would be expected to have more complaints than smaller ones. Some companies have a history of complaints. Some have obtained an unsatisfactory rating. Doing your homework can save you a lot of heartache.

If you think someone is overstating capacity. Did you know a standard stretch Lincoln is Lincoln QVM approved for no more than 8 passengers? That is what Ford, Lincoln, and the builders expect the vehicle to carry at a maximum.  It is on the plate inside the rear right door on every Lincoln stretch. Any time you put the maximum number of passengers in a vehicle you will be uncomfortable and tight if your group is adults. The seating in stretches is perimiter seating. You should not expect to fit as many adults as children, or large people as smaller ones.

Always look for the blue vehicle for hire medallion.

 All limousines and mini coaches operating within Duval County are required by law to have the vehicle for hire medallion displayed in the lower left corner of the rear window. It is your assurance that the vehicle, and company operating it, are properly registered and the vehicle has passed an inspection. Registered vehicles must undergo annual city inspections. 

Look for the DOT numbers.

 All motor vehicles that carry passengers on public streets and highways in the state of FL, or across state lines from any state, are required to have FLDOT or USDOT,  Department of Transportation, Registration.

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